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Which Type of Drivers Fall Asleep at the Wheel?

Crashes which are caused by sleepy drivers or drivers who fall asleep usually happen on long roads such as interstates or freeways, between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. or in the early afternoon after eating lunch especially if they have had even just one drink of alcohol. They also happen if the driver has had less sleep than usual the night before driving.

In addition accidents can happen if the driver is taking medication which can cause drowsiness such as some antihistamines or travel sickness pills or if the driver has had a long shift at work.

Those most at risk of suffering from sleepiness while driving are young male drivers, shift workers and truck drivers but anyone travelling when they are tired or driving long distances on a straight road can be at risk.

Many of those who drive professionally especially truck drivers say that have increased levels of drowsiness and 85% of those involved in sleep related crashes are male and over 33% are under age 30.

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